Eine Person arbeitet bei Sonnenschein auf einer Photovoltaikanlage.


Investment in PV systems ensures repowering

Is your plant getting old? In the meantime, there are far more modern and optimised components with higher efficiency.

Check up for your photovoltaic system
Sensible investment

Sometimes additional factors also contribute to a creeping deterioration of the plant, for example obsolescence, soil erosion or even faults in the project design. For older plants, we therefore often recommend repowering as an investment in PV plants. Our experts examine your plant and determine the causes of reduced yields. They will then consult with you to determine whether, for example, replacing your inverters or reconfiguring the electrical wiring is a worthwhile investment in PV systems for you. Expensive modules are rarely replaced, but this is also recommended in the event of a fault. Your yield is close to our hearts, contact us and ask about your optimisation options. Of course, we also offer the service of reviewing an investment in PV systems for system operators who are not yet MaxSolar customers.


We will be happy to advise you on your energy project

Call us or send us a message with your request on the subject of renewable energies. We will forward your enquiry to the relevant specialist from our team and will be happy to advise you on photovoltaic systems, the implementation of your project, technical management or similar issues.


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