Windräder stehen auf einer Anhöhe und werden von der untergehenden Sonne angestrahlt.

Wind power

Onshore wind power

Wind turbines or wind energy plants use the kinetic energy of air currents and convert it into usable, emission-free energy through rotors and electrical generators. Alongside photovoltaics, wind turbines are one of the cheapest forms of energy generation and a mainstay of energy transition. The combination of wind power and photovoltaics ensures a steady supply of electricity from fluctuating renewable energy generation.

From the identification of suitable locations to commissioning
Project development wind

With MaxSolar, you gain a reliable partner for holistic energy supply solutions. Together with experienced partners and employees in the wind energy sector, we are starting a new chapter: the development of wind power projects. As a project developer, we lease agricultural and forest land that is suitable for the construction of wind turbines. We supervise the approval process from start to finish and also take over the technical operational management of the plant after successful implementation. In order to ensure the sustainable use of renewable energies and to enable local value creation and participation in the energy transition, we work closely with regional citizens' energy cooperatives.

Our activities in the field of energy from wind power

Our services cover the entire project development, from the identification of suitable sites to the commissioning of the plants. We work closely with landowners, communities and authorities to drive the successful realisation of wind power projects. Our field of activity ranges from an initial feasibility analysis to securing land, approval planning, financing, coordination during construction and operation of the wind turbines. We will be happy to advise you on your individual projects - find out more about leasing open spaces and our project development.