PV system project planners

A strong team

As general contractor or coordinating contractor, our PV system project planners develop innovative and holistic energy concepts for municipalities and companies. The integration of photovoltaic systems on roofs or in open spaces enables sustainable regional value creation and decentralised supply.

Since 2009
Berlin - Hamburg - Munich - Traunstein

Founded in 2009, we now employ more than 300 people, including many PV system project planners, at our locations in Traunstein (headquarters), Grabenstätt, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. The company is not only a planner and installer, but also an investor and operator of large-scale photovoltaic systems. Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity today. With our daily work as PV system project planners, we are actively tackling this major task through holistic energy concepts. Investments made today in buildings and industrial plants will characterise energy systems in 2050.

The MaxSolar Management-Team