Project development

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems and wind turbines

The "Project Development" business division deals with the evaluation and acquisition of suitable potential areas as well as the establishment of building rights and the implementation of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems and wind turbines.

Step by step
Project development of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems and wind turbines

In the case of special project requirements, a personal contact person for the land owner weighs up the commercial aspects, planning and contractual risks within the framework of a feasibility study thus providing a basis for decision-making through the feasibility and economic viability of the planned project. 

The project development team of MaxSolar GmbH is distributed between the locations in Traunstein, Berlin and Hamburg and manages projects such as ground-mounted photovoltaic systems and wind farms throughout Germany.

Land evaluation & feasibility study

Our experts check the feasibility of a project development with an initial assessment of the project areas for ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, for example. In this context, spatial planning, environmental and nature conservation concerns and the specific site characteristics are analysed. In the course of a feasibility study, an initial plant configuration is created and the predicted plant yield is determined with the help of simulation software. The simulated energy yield serves as the basis for calculating the profitability of a project.

Grid connection test

As soon as we have positively checked the areas, we submit a non-binding grid connection test to the respective grid operator. This request is always free of charge for the land owners. We optimise the request depending on the voltage level and local grid situation so that the best possible grid interconnection point can be determined for projects such as ground-mounted photovoltaic systems.

Holistic energy concepts

Our broadly positioned business areas enable us to offer holistic energy concepts and create synergies. In addition to pure solar park or wind farm development, combinations with district heating, battery storage and e-charging stations are also possible.

Preliminary planning and urban land use planning

In terms of the establishment of building rights and the technical implementation of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems, the project must go through the formal urban land use plan procedure prescribed by the Building Code. After the respective municipal council has passed a resolution on the preparation of the plan, the "Project Development" team takes over the coordination and agreement between the municipality, the authorities and external service providers such as planning and expert offices, thus ensuring a smooth process and project flow. For both wind and PV projects, the project development team takes on the preliminary planning of the feed-in point and for routing, which is done in close coordination with the respective grid operator, the municipal administration and external engineering firms for routing planning and civil engineering.

Approval procedure

The project development team handles the application and coordination of approval procedures for both ground-mounted photovoltaic systems and wind turbines. During the approval process, all the necessary foundations for successful approval are prepared in consultation with the approval authorities, planning and expert offices, and the land owners – with the aim of obtaining a building permit / federal immission control permit [Bau-/BlmschG-Genehmigung].

Securing the system remuneration

Our "Project Development Team" participates in the EEG tenders in coordination with the "Finance Team". For projects eligible for support under the renewable energy sources act ("EEG"), we participate in the regular tenders in order to obtain a secure and adequate payment claim for the first 20 years after commissioning. In the case of non-eligible plants, we take care of other marketing options such as direct marketing by means of Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) with a power purchaser.