Ein Dach eines Gewerbegebäudes, das komplett mit einer Photovoltaikanlage bestückt ist.

Photovoltaics in commerce & industry

Corporate success through climate protection

Investments made today in buildings and industrial plants characterise the energy system of the future.

Company-owned photovoltaics as an additional source of income
Renewable energies in the company

More and more companies are turning to renewable energies and converting their operations. Photovoltaics are playing an increasingly important role in the commercial sector. This always depends on a well thought-out holistic energy concept, because energy consumption represents a considerable cost factor in commercial enterprises. The company's own photovoltaic system represents an additional source of income. Existing roof and open spaces for the installation of photovoltaic systems in the commercial sector are already available. By combining this with intelligent storage systems and dedicated electric charging infrastructure, the company benefits even more. Switching to green electricity goes hand in hand with an image boost for your brand. Ring in the energy transition in your company now and start your next climate protection project with us.

Competent advice & implementation on photovoltaics in the commercial sector

We advise you on marketing strategies (e.g. PPA) and offer holistic energy concepts including storage solutions and charging infrastructure. The expertise of more than 10 years of industry experience flows into the preparation of individual proposals. Our project managers accompany you through every step of the project, from the preparation of the installation documents to the commissioning of the plant.

As general contractor or general coordinating contractor for photovoltaics in the commercial sector, we ensure turnkey project realisation so that you can concentrate on your core business. In addition, we offer competent support with financing, help with selecting the right insurance products and documenting your installation in accordance with technical standards. Your project manager ensures quality and adherence to schedules at every stage of the project, because we want commercial photovoltaics to pay off, right from the start.

We reconcile entrepreneurial success with energy efficiency and climate protection for you!

Four good reasons to invest in commercial photovoltaics now:
The sun does not send a bill

As a commercial enterprise, you are predestined for a high proportion of in-house consumption – because it is precisely during your daily operations that your on-site photovoltaic system also produces cost-effective and clean electricity. An intelligentstorage system allows you to balance out expensive load peaks and store the self-produced electricity so that it is available day and night.

Independence from electricity market prices

Photovoltaics in commerce means your own electricity production on the roof and self-consumption in your company to secure permanently low electricity prices and become independent of rising energy prices. PV systems are also characterised by a service life of 25 years or more, are low-maintenance and thus particularly economical.

Image gain through climate protection

Solar power does not cause any noise, odour or pollutant emissions. Reduce the carbon footprint of your products – the environmentally conscious image goes down well with your customers! By opting for sustainable, clean power generation, you protect your finances and the environment. 

Low investment costs of Photovoltaics in commerce

Not only the cost degression of system prices, but also the ongoing low interest rate policy make the investment in a photovoltaic system particularly attractive. Under certain conditions, subsidies can be applied for for the purchase of PV systems with storage.

Customer testimonial

"I always have my personal point of contact in every department, which I very much appreciate. That's why I trust in MaxSolar for the technical management of the system too."

Manfred Miedl
owner of Konditorei Bäckerei Miedl GmbH

"Our personal contacts at MaxSolar accompanied us in a spirit of partnership right from the start and our questions were always addressed."

Josef Schneider
Managing Director of Jos. Schneider GmbH

"When selecting the companies to carry out the work, preference was given to tradespeople from the region in order to promote local value creation. A best practice of successful interface coordination."

Julian Kasprowicz
Managing Director Bäckerei und Konditorei Kasprowicz GmbH

"What we appreciate about working with MaxSolar is not only the timely execution of the PV systems, but also the outstanding competence of the employees in implementing a holistic renewable energy solution."

Michael Sorg
Project Manager GARBE Renewable Energy - GREEN GmbH

"The cooperation has worked very well. The modules were installed very quickly despite the bad weather. Great construction team, very good project manager. The successful cooperation will continue with the next project."

Udo Pfeffer
VOBEG Sonne GmbH & Co KG

"For years, neoVIS-s.e. GmbH and MaxSolar GmbH have been working together on a number of ground-mounted photovoltaic systems. The quality standard and construction management at the Nabburg plant are exemplary!"

Stephan Schinko
neoVIS-s.e. GmbH

"MaxSolar was a professional and reliable partner for us in this project in Burhafe. We look forward to further cooperation."

Jörg Busboom
Managing Partner ÖKORENTA

"With MaxSolar we combine innovation: The first cooperative PPA was individually planned for us by MaxSolar and handed over as a turnkey project."

Pascal Lang
Chair of EGIS eG