Green power

Active against climate change

We are aware of our responsibility for future generations. Because of this we are actively addressing the challenges to sustainably implement the EU climate protection targets and the associated CO2 savings. Our daily work produces green electricity that helps to make our world a better place.

MaxSolar Company Profile
TOP100 Innovation Companies 2022 and 2023

In Reckertshausen, MaxSolar has built one of the most innovative communal solar parks in the immediate vicinity of the town of Hofheim in the district of Hassberge and was awarded the TOP100 Innovation Company 2022 prize for it.

On a total of around 12.8 hectares, two open-air photovoltaic systems with a total output of 10.3 MW generate green electricity in Reckertshausen. When construction is completed, a total of 23,000 high-performance modules will have been installed. With the electricity from both plants, around 2,600 households in the region can be supplied with green electricity. The fully integrated battery storage units for solar power storage are particularly innovative. The electricity storage systems ensure that the plants can produce continuously even when demand for electricity is low (e.g. at weekends). At the same time, the storage system relieves the electricity grid and thus reduces grid expansion costs for grid operators.

MaxSolar uses low-yield agricultural land for CO2-free generation of green electricity while at the same time relieving the power grid through solar power storage. For 2023, MaxSolar has won the award a second time. This year, the application received, among other things, the new Energy Partners business model. With this innovative energy concept, MaxSolar not only creates an attractive solution for customers for green energy without their own investment, but also enables a risk-free transition to renewable energies.

Guideline: Green power

We are shaping our renewable future, free of CO2. In addition, we make an important contribution to the public perception of climate protection-relevant issues and thus sharpen the opinion in politics and society. Green electricity is our guiding principle: In doing so, we transfer results from research into social and entrepreneurial practice in as many ways as possible. We are committed to cross-sector, customer-specific solutions in projects such as communal solar parks, the development of an infrastructure for e-mobility, ground-mounted photovoltaic systems and the development of storage systems.


We accept our social responsibility towards our colleagues and society. We always treat our customers, suppliers and colleagues as partners and professionals. We retain the innovative spirit of the founding era and impress through agility while adhering to and further developing established processes. We distinguish ourselves through our willingness to provide services, quality and flexibility. We are conscientious, think entrepreneurially and implement improvement suggestions on an ongoing basis. We are actively driving forward the energy transition with our innovative energy concepts.

Interface expert

We are the multi-faceted interface expert and provider of expertise in the field of complex energy systems for the production of green electricity. We have our finger on the pulse of the market, but at the same time we are close to our customers. We achieve this through fast, reliable and high-quality work. We develop and finance large investments in renewable energies with the help of new market-based instruments.

Company successes

Our extensive network as well as our open and honest external appearance transport the company's successes and cultivate our image. We offer an interesting and attractive work experience in a sustainable company. We are particularly proud of our sense of community and our employees' skills. Together for a world where green power flows.

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