Eine Wiese mit Gänseblümchen. Im Hintergrund eine Photovoltaikanlage.


Sustainable energy production

Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity today. We are actively addressing this great challenge with our daily work.

Planning for the future today
Expanding renewable energies

Germany has defined climate policy milestones for sustainable energy production in the 2050 climate protection plan: By the middle of the century, Germany is to become largely greenhouse gas neutral. By 2050, the share of renewable energies in final energy consumption is to increase to 60 percent and primary energy consumption is to decrease by 50 percent compared to 2008. This means that 1000 GW of photovoltaic plants still need to be built by 2050 in order to produce the proportionate solar electricity (source: position paper BNE [German Association of Energy Market Innovators]). A short study commissioned by Greenpeace also calls for a solar offensive for Germany. The BDEW [German association of energy and water industries], which represents 1,900 companies, names 150 GW as the expansion target by 2030 in its PV strategy. This is the only way we can protect ourselves from a climate catastrophe through innovative energy concepts and begin a new future through sustainable energy production.

Investments made today in buildings and industrial plants will characterise energy systems in 2030. With the German renewable energy sources act [EEG] 2017, the German government has initiated a structural change. Falling production costs are already making renewable energies more competitive. "In Germany, climate and environmental protection are seen by broad sections of the population as crucial for competitiveness, prosperity and the solution of global problems," sums up the environmental awareness study of the Federal ministry for the environment. "The population is very interested in new mobility in cities, energy-efficient products, green investments and green electricity, among other things." Our locally anchored communal energy projects make a significant contribution to the acceptance of photovoltaics among the population. Join us in working towards a future fit for our grandchildren, in which green electricity flows through sustainable energy generation.