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Operation & Maintenance

Technical management of PV systems

A photovoltaic system is a very long-term investment. Smooth operation and maximum yields are MaxSolar's top priorities. Thanks to innovative technology and know-how, photovoltaic systems of any size can be permanently monitored and any operating faults can be rectified immediately.

Completly carefree package for your photovoltaic system
From creation to repowering

Many problems in the operation of PV systems can thus be prevented in advance. Depending on the size of the plant, we offer service packages individually adapted to your wishes and needs. For older systems, we often recommend re-powering. Our TÜV-certified experts for photovoltaics will examine your system and determine the causes of lower yields. They will then consult with you to determine whether, for example, replacing your inverters or reconfiguring the electrical wiring is a worthwhile investment for you. Feel free to contact us about optimisation options for the operation of PV systems!

Operational management of PV systems
Operation & Maintenance (O & M)