Zu sehen ist eine Hand, die sein Auto mithilfe eines Ladesteckers elektronisch aufladen lässt.


Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Did you know that you can now also use your PV system to move around?

You can now also supply your climate-neutral PV electricity to third parties via retrofittable charging stations.

Sell your self-produced electricity to third parties

While your own charging is not charged, third-party charging can not only strengthen the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, but can also be a lucrative side business. Using radio frequency identification (RFID) chip cards or various service apps, electric car drivers register at the charging station and pay for exactly the amount of electricity they consume to charge their cars.

As a certified charge point operator, MaxSolar offers an all-round carefree package that includes everything from planning and installation to billing of company charging stations or charging points in municipalities in compliance with weights and measures regulations. So you don't have to worry about anything. For your customers, employees and even third parties, the possibility of being able to charge their electric car at your premises from now on is clearly an added value. 70 kW systems at motorway exits can be particularly interesting from a financial perspective.

Convenient and clever

As part of our all-round carefree package, we also offer a suitable cable management for DC charging stations.

Basic knowledge of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Alfen Eve Double Pro Line

  • 2 charging points with type-2 plug in one charging post
  • 2 charging processes possible in parallel
  • Calibration and metering compliant electricity metering & billing

Type-2 plug:

max. 22 kW

Alpitronic Hypercharger

  • 2 charging points with CCS combo plug
  • 2 charging processes possible in parallel
  • Measurement & billing in compliance with calibration law

CCS - Combo plug:

max. 300 kW

  1. Attractive parking facilities for municipalities and employers
    We install charging points on your premises and thus create attractive parking facilities for charging electric cars for your customers, employees and the public. This creates charging opportunities for short stays or longer visits to the localities and strengthens the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.
  2. No investment costs for you
    We cover the installation and connection costs and the operating costs, in the form of electricity purchases for example, for a better charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Maintenance, service and a hotline are also available from MaxSolar free of charge.
  3. Requirements of your parking areas
    To implement the installation, publicly accessible parking areas, sufficient grid connection power and permission to operate the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles on your premises are required.
  4. Be a pioneer
    We are constantly expanding our charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in order to be able to guarantee charging options for people throughout the country. By installing charging points on your land, you are supporting us in our expansion, actively shaping the mobility revolution yourself and promoting electromobility.
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