Holistic energy concepts

Our contribution to society

Through our work, we make an important contribution to the expansion of renewable energies. Holistic energy concepts for a sustainable, decentralised and thus secure energy supply and strengthening regional value creation in Germany.

Enabling climate change
Contribution to achieving the climate targets

MaxSolar sets standards for the decarbonisation of heat and electricity and contributes to achieving our climate goals through holistic energy concepts. Our projects contribute to achieving the federal government's 80% target (80% gross electricity consumption from renewable sources) by enabling the company and on-site production facilities to generate green electricity and heat from renewable sources. Together with leading companies in the European solar industry, we are actively working to double the addition of PV systems in Europe to 60 GW per year and to triple Germany's addition to 22 GW by 2027 compared to 2022.

As a regional partner, MaxSolar ensures a secure and resilient energy supply. We strengthen the municipalities through the practical use of vacant land: Photovoltaic projects generate business tax revenue, and the integration of local businesses promotes regional value creation. In addition, there is a statutory option for the municipalities to participate in the proceeds of green electricity in the amount of 0.2 Ct per kilowatt hour produced on a voluntary basis.

Energy projects such as communal solar parks also create additional acceptance and inclusion for holistic energy concepts and in the expansion of renewable energies, which will be an integral part of all new projects in the future.

Through our developments, we set benchmarks for the entire industry and develop standards that significantly shape the energy industry in Germany.